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Two Or More People Under Age 35 Diagnosed With Malignant Melanoma Every Day

BBC News (4/6, Roberts) reports, “More than two people under 35 in Britain are diagnosed each day with malignant melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer,” according to Cancer Research UK. Their data shows there has been a “tripling in melanoma rates among 15- and 34-year-olds since the late 1970s and the rise is continuing.”

The UK’s Press Association (4/6) noted that in 1970, there were “1.8 cases of melanoma per 100,000 people in this age group, rising to 5.9 now.” It is believed that “sunbeds are playing a role in boosting cancer rates among young people, together with not taking care on summer holidays.” Launching its annual SunSmart campaign, which “promotes the use of suntan lotion and covering up in midday sun, the charity said more than 900 young Britons are newly diagnosed with the disease each year.” It also warned that “older people are at risk, with skin cancer rates rising among all age groups.” In 2007, there were “10,800 new cases among all ages, jumping to 11,700 cases in 2008 – an 8.5% rise.”

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